March 27, 2023

Air Conditioner does not Cool

If the air conditioner does not cool could be due to different reasons, not only by the lack of gas.

A high percentage of people who have these teams at home believe that this is the first alternative that your air conditioner does not cool, but is not the only one in particular, moreover, the absence of gas has managed to become a legend and a way they have some “companies” air conditioning to scam those who know less about it.

Certainly it is one of the reasons that cause the air conditioner does not cool properly, but other times it is often due to other reasons, because, if the assembly was good the day of installation, should not leak steam, unless there was a leak for some reason.

Why is your air conditioner not cooling?

Next, we will proceed to list different types of problems or malfunctions that can cause air conditioners to cool poorly or not at all so we can answer your question “why is my aircon not cold?”

Lack of gas

The lack of gas could be due to a leak in the refrigerant path, either because of a mistake in the assembly or because a pore has opened in a duct.

Neglected outdoor heat exchanger

We need to take a look at the outdoor unit. When the exchanger starts to accumulate dirt or becomes clogged, the gas pressure starts to rise, thus impairing the operability of the equipment.

When this happens we can notice how the air conditioner does not cool well or the air comes out at room temperature.

To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to clean the exchanger annually or every time we change the operating mode (from hot to cold and vice versa), when the seasons change.

To clean it, it is sufficient to use a brush or a brush, or even a pressurized water gun.

Start capacitor

When one of the condensers is not working properly, either the compressor or the fan, we will see how the unit inside the house operates properly but does not throw cold.

If it is the fan capacitor that is faulty, it will not move. If we look at the outside unit and the fan is not working, the condenser is most likely broken.

Failure or impeller failure

On the contrary, when it is the compressor condenser that is not working we can observe that the outside fan is working properly, although the compressor is stopped, consequently the inside unit will work well, but without getting cold.

If the fan itself produces more noise than the compressor, the way to know if the compressor is working is to feel the pipes. If they are at normal temperature, it is not working.

Indoor or outdoor fan does not work

This may be due to various problems.

  • As we have seen above, the condenser may be faulty, preventing the fan from moving or moving with difficulty.
  • One of the fan blades may be broken (either from the outdoor or indoor unit. First of all, this influences the balancing, producing vibrations and affecting the proper functioning of the air conditioner, so that it does not heat or cool well.
  • The fan motor may be faulty. In this case, we can observe how this does not move at all. It would need to be replaced, or the fan may just be stuck.
  • In the case of the internal fan, the reasons for a malfunction may be the same as in the previous section.

The air conditioner does not cool because of a dirty filtering system

If the filtering is in poor condition dirty it causes a decrease in gas compression of the unit inside, because the ventilation does not move as it should, therefore, we can perceive that the system cools more but does not cool or air condition the room.

The electricity consumption of the equipment will increase and, also, in equipments with high power, it can stop because the pressure switch, a safety net that is activated in case the pressure is too high or too low. This occurs because it has not been properly maintained.

To clean the filters, you can clean them with a pinch of soap, but you can also use hot water and a soft bristle brush.

Why is my aircon not cold? Hopefully, we can give you some information that will help to narrow down the seemingly infinite options that are available for your air conditioning needs.