When shopping for groceries, we are tempted to pick the most perfectly shaped apples or spotless bananas, grounded in the belief that fruits with few bruises or brownish spots are either less nutritious or simply in no-eat zone.

To help put an end to these misconceptions, chef Eric Low rounds up and debunks most common myths about “ugly” food.

  1. Your food doesn’t have to look pretty to taste delicious.  In fact, a few brown spots on a banana shows the fruit to be sweeter and more ripe.
  2. Vegetables or fruit with blemishes or scarring aren’t any less nutritious.
  3. Use your eyes and nose to help decide if your food still good to eat, the ‘sell-by’ or ‘use-by’ dates are just indicators from the producers of when the food might be at its peak.  Exceptions would be deli meats, unpasteurized cheeses and smoked seafood.
  4. Natural honey crystalizes or become chunky in a jar – it’s a natural process and doesn’t change the taste or how you use it.
  5. There isn’t anything wrong with crooked carrots, oval oranges, squashed-looking squash or potatoes –it’s nature’s way of reminding us that beauty is only skin deep.
  6. It’s OK to take the last bag of fruit or vegetables off the shelf – most likely they aren’t any different in taste or nutrition to the first bag sold.