One of the biggest sources of food waste happens at home. As groceries tend to be sold in bundles by supermarkets, home cooks overbuy when shopping. This results in unused ingredients left over after each meal, which get thrown out as they expire. A household waste study by the National Environment Agency (NEA) found that food waste accounted for half of the total waste disposed by households, as people throw out daily leftovers from eating and cooking. 

The Social Food Swap addresses this prevailing issue by encouraging a behavioural shift from “binning” it to “swapping” it. Home cooks with excess ingredients in their kitchen (e.g. garlic, onions, chilli, potatoes etc.) can swap these ingredients with others within their social circles, such as colleagues and friends, who also have excess ingredients. This way, both parties “save” ingredients that would otherwise be wasted, and end up with ingredients that they will actually use, at no added cost.

If each household in Singapore does just one 200g swap per week, over a year, we could help save 10,000 tonnes of food waste. That’s the weight of over 40 MRT trains! Each of our small actions adds up to make a big impact.

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