#HappyPlateSG is an award-winning community initiative which manifests Electrolux’s commitment to raise awareness of food waste in Singapore. Kick-started in 2015, each year it tackled different topics related to Food Waste, including finishing food on the plates and encouraging the use of ugly/expiring food in food preparation and consumption.

#HappyPlateSG proudly partners with Food Bank Singapore to support the distribution of food to underprivileged families in Singapore.



#HappyPlateSG 2018 campaign, Social Food Swap, encourages a behaviourial shift from “binning” to “swapping” food. Home cooks with excess ingredients in their kitchen (e.g. garlic, onions, chilli, potatoes etc.) can swap these ingredients with others within their social circles who also have excess ingredients. If each household in Singapore does just one 200g swap per week, over a year, we could help save 10,000 tonnes of food waste.

More about Social Food Swap here


The third edition of #HappyPlateSG titled #SeasonYourEx aimed to familiarise consumers with the variety of food labels used by grocery retailers and supermarket chains, and encourage them to reduce food wastage in their homes. Consumers were encouraged to post a photo of an expired, or soon to be expired, food or leftover item in their homes on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #SeasonYourEx #HappyPlateSG and share what they could do with it. 

For every 5 #hashtags and/or social media shares, Electrolux would fund the costs of running the Food Bank Singapore’s van for one day. The campaign concluded with more than 2,000 hashtags/shares and 20,000 SGD donated to Food Bank Singapore. 


#HappyPlateSG 2016 encouraged consumers to embrace ugly food in food preparation and consumption. By posting a picture of “ugly food” on Instagram with the hashtags –#UglyIsTheNewGood and #HappyplateSG, consumer would help to fund the Fresh Food Truck, ensuring The Food Bank Singapore could collect and distribute excess perishable food items to families most in need across Singapore.


In 2015, #HappyPlateSG raised food waste awareness in Singapore by rallying the public to upload photos of their empty plates on Instagram with the hashtag #HappyPlateSG
For every three photo uploads, Electrolux donated a Happy Food Bundle to The Food Bank Singapore – and together with the help of volunteers Electrolux managed to pack and distribute these Happy Food Bundles to 1,000 families in need.