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Willing Hearts, Methodist Welfare Services and Community Chest have each received $300 worth of Electrolux appliances donated by #UglyIsTheNewGood ‘Most Creative Picture’ winners Heng Liwei, MonoandCo and Natalie Yeo.

A big thank you to everyone who supported the efforts to be more food waste aware – helping to make these donations possible and to keep The Food Bank’s Fresh Food Truck on the road for a year! Let’s continue to embrace ugly food and encourage others to do the same to reduce food waste. It all starts with you!



#happyplateSG 2016 is the continuation of a journey to raise awareness of food waste, with a focus this year on changing mind-sets towards “ugly food”.

We are asking you to embrace ugly food in your food preparation and consumption because #UglyIsTheNewGood!



So what is “ugly food”?

Ugly food is defined as food that does not look appealing for consumption, and that as a result, it is often thrown away – leading to increased food waste.

Examples of ugly food include bruised, misshapen or discoloured fruits and vegetables, plus off-cuts of meat.

happy plate sg
happy plate sg

What can you do?

Join us by embracing the ugly, not only will you reduce food waste in Singapore, you can also help others as we rally people to support our efforts to get The Food Bank Singapore’s Fresh Food Truck on the road for a year.

We encourage you to post a picture of your “ugly food” on Instagram with the hashtags -#UglyIsTheNewGood and #HappyplateSG before the end of November 2016.  For every 8 hashtags shared, Electrolux will fund the Fresh Food Truck for one day, ensuring The Food Bank Singapore can collect and distribute excess perishable food items to families most in need across Singapore.

happy plate



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#happyplateSG #UglyIsTheNewGood 




Check out the seriously fun #happyplateadventures as #happyplateSG chefs cooked up some perfectly delicious dishes using less than perfect-looking food for visitors to Gillman Barracks Farmers’ Market on 19 November and at Tangs throughout October.

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-PR Week Asia: Bronze Award for Campaign of the year (2017)

-PR Week Asia: Bronze Award in the Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign of the Year (2016)

-Sabres Asia Pacific 2016: Gold Award

-Sustainability Award 2017:  Food Waste Community Program


It’s very easy to avoid buying or to throw away food that it doesn’t look good.  But here Chef Eric Low shares some easy and delicious recipes for you to try.  Why not try to minimise food waste in the comfort of your own home (or anywhere there’s a kitchen!)?

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The Food Bank Singapore

Food bank

The Food Bank Singapore is a registered charity which aims to be the leading centralised organisation for coordinating all food donations in Singapore. Founded by siblings Nichol Ng and Nicholas Ng, the Food Bank collects cooked, dried, chilled and packaged food and redistributes them to the underprivileged in Singapore in food bundles. They are also adding perishables to the list this year with its Fresh Food Truck – which Electrolux is supporting with its #UglyIsTheNewGood social initiative to help get the truck on the road.

The Food Bank has several programmes which provide opportunities for schools, companies and the general public to volunteer their time to contribute to society, such as food bundling.

More information can be found at www.foodbank.sg.

Fiona Chia, Founder of Health Can Be Fun


Recognised under the Health Promotion Board (HPB) as an Accredited Workplace Health Consultant, Fiona is well-known for her innovative and fun approach towards health, and develops nutritional frameworks for companies to design effective health initiatives. Companies she has made an impact on include Shell Chemicals Singapore, Gate Gourmet Singapore, Kimberly Clark, Phillips Electronics Singapore, PPL Shipyard and more.

Fiona’s passion for nutrition plays out in her desire to help people achieve their health goals. She enjoys coaching individuals and advocating better health, and has conducted various talks, workshops and cooking demonstrations. She has worked with NUYOU, MediaCorp Channel 8, MotherCare, HPB, and more.

Chef Eric Low 


Celebrated Chef Eric Low (Chef E) has more than 25 years delivering culinary excellence and expertise to a host of luxury hotels and yachts, as well as leading foodservice and FMCG manufacturers locally and overseas.

An alumnus of both the Singapore Hotel Association Tourism and Educational Centre (SHATEC) and Culinary Institute of America (CIA), he has won Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) Salon Culinaire medals for individual and team activity.   A WACS certified culinary judge for international and national level competitions, Low also mentored the Singapore National Culinary Team to their recent world championship win.

Low is Chef-Owner of Lush Epicurean Culinary Consultancy and author of six cook books.